Bantu-Stars is a professional Club based in Southern California owned by Somali Bantu Community– Most successful club in Soccer. It was founded in 2004 in San Diego and in 2007 Bantu-Stars became the first club in soccer from Southern California in San Diego. Bantu-Stars have long-standing rivalry with Africa United, and Sudanese Club amongst distant sports rivals. However, we are the most valuable Association Soccer/African Football Club in San Diego.

The exclusive purpose of BSSAU is to provide opportunity for all who wish to participate in Bantu Star San Diego United.

The Bantu Star SD United Soccer Club (BSSDU) was founded on 10-13-2004 at San Diego California. The idea of creating the soccer club originated when a group of friends and families decided to form a one strong team amonge various soccer teams in the area. The idea was to unite and form a soccer team that can represent the Bant Star (S.D.) Youth in San Diego today Bant Star (S. D. U) has one of the youngest and most talented players in San Diego. The team competes with other Soccer Teams in SD as well as other nationwide tournaments. Currently, the team has 26 (recruits) or Players. Bantu Star SD United in San Diego.
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